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These Classification Guidelines are to enable a standard to be maintained in all areas. Assessment is according to the Australian National Saddlehorse Association Standard of Excellence.

Minimum Height - Stallions, Mares & Geldings over 14 hands
Minimum Age for Inspection - 2 years from foaling date.

Type & Conformation

  • Each horse must be free from hereditary defects

  • Soundness is paramount

  • Strong functional conformation should be evident reflecting good breeding

  • They must have a well proportioned body to produce a comfortable and pleasurable ride.


  • Horses must have identification brands (refer to Section 13 of the regulations).

  • A simple performance of the basic paces under saddle is required – brood mares excepted where necessary.

  • The ideal horse is a well conformed saddle horse type, demonstrating good temperament and ability. Versatility under saddle is valued and encouraged.


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