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Chandelier Reflect

Story by Robert Wickson Windera, NSW

“Angus” as he is known at home, where he was born in 2012, is a 16.3h Bay gelding ( Heza Bruce x Charlotte Stars ) who has character. I only started riding him competitively in April 2018 and we both started learning about showing together. I was never going to be a “Showy” but my wife , Kerry , talked me into it and so Angus and I started the learning process together. While I had been an Endurance rider, so I could ride, I did NOT have the finesse of a show rider and so a rapid learning process began for both of us.

Angus is a natural and enjoys performing and loves a challenge. He is a very relaxed horse but in the ring stands tall with that “look at me” persona . If it’s cold and windy at a show he likes to wait for the next event in the float out of the weather and when the Farrier is here and having a cup of coffee Angus always wants his bit of biscuit and coffee.

We both learnt a lot in 2019 and will continue to learn and compete. The support of ANSA is greatly appreciated and came as a huge surprise to me. At 70 years old you would tend to think its too late to start a new intensive activity but winning these awards proves all that wrong. I thank ANSA and challenge more oldies to get back on their horses and meet me in the arena.


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